How to Get Google AdSense Approval in 2018

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a platform which gives you ads to display on your blog and for each click and impression you get paid by Google. Its a completely free platform and don’t pay anybody to get Adsense approval on your blog or buy Adsense account from anybody. If your dream is to earn money through online then Adsense and affiliate marketing is the two popular way of earning money through online in 2018. If you have a website or youtube channel you can easily earn through Adsense.

How Google AdSense Works?

Google Adsense basically works as a broker. Let’s understand it more clearly, When some business owner wants to advertise on google, they create ads on Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) and then Google Ads send the ads to Google Adsense. Now Google Adsense start displaying ads to all the customers who are searching or visiting relevant article websites through different – different ad formats. All websites who got approved through AdSense are eligible to show google ads. When any visitor click on that ads and then the ad will redirect the visitor to the advertiser website or app. So this way google target customers and promote its advertisers.

#FAQ. Why my AdSense account gets disapproved? Some main legit reasons are:

  • Insufficient content. (There should be adequate text in your posts)
  • The site (s) does not comply with the policies of Google AdSense.
  • Site violates the program and policies of Google AdSense.
  • The site was down while reviewing.
  • The site is not old enough to get approved. (Usually, the site should be at least 6 months

How to Get Google AdSense Approval in 2018

1. Unique/Fresh/Quality Content

One of the most important factors that are responsible for Google Adsense approval or disapproval in your site or blog. The best way to get Google Adsense approved fast is to upload unique, fresh and original with good quality content on your site or blog. You need to write up to 20 – 30 quality posts that have at least 500 words in it. Quality post means you should write the content that people are searching for and ensure you do not write content related to sexual and hacking or that creates harm to people. AdSense strictly disallows it. You should not copy contents from others and must make your posts unique.

2. Good Body Content

The body of the content also plays an important role in Google Adsense approval or disapproval, there are some tips which help you for good body content given below:

  • Content must be useful, having rich information which is useful for your audience.
  • An article must have at least 500+ words.
  • Avoid chose content/articles/images that against Google Adsense policy.

3. Design

Improve your site or blog design and give your site a professional look by professional themes and adding social network sharing buttons etc. A good blog or site must have below four points.
Four points to make your site or blog professional:

  • You must have a professional theme that looks elegant and simple.
  • Your site must have About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer, Contact us and Sitemaps.
  • Your content which is publicly accessible must be easily navigable.
  • Avoid Interstitial windows like sharing like button, surveying etc.

4. Important Pages

In the pages section, you need to create 3 pages about About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy. If you have installed Yoast SEO, it will auto-generate sitemaps for you. Otherwise, you need to add a new page for the sitemap.  AdSense team gives a high priority to this. So you must create these pages and add these pages on your website in the header or footer section. It is a must to create these pages.

– About us
In this page, you should write about your site and what it is providing to your viewers. About section should be neat and clean. There shouldn’t be any sort of ads. About us section of FOSS Lovers.

– Contact us
In this page, you need to create a contact form so that people can leave a message for you. And also, there shouldn’t be ads which will affect your approval for AdSense. Contact us section of FOSS Lovers.

– Privacy Policy and Disclaimer
To create a privacy policy for your page, you can go to this link Privacy Policy Generator. This will help you generate Privacy Policy for your website. Otherwise, you may make your own Privacy Policy. You can also search on Google to make a Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy and Disclaimer section of FOSS Lovers.

5. Domain Name

It is very essential that you use a top-level domain(for e.g. .com, .org, .net etc).It is noticed by the expert that if you use top level domain then your site is approved very fast by Google Adsense, even if you have only little posts. Google always appreciate the top level and unique domain but if you write high quality and sufficient contents, for your blog, then Google Adsense get approved without a top-level domain.

6. Domain Age

In some countries like Nepal, India, Pakistan, etc. their domain should need to be 6 months old to apply for Google Adsense application. So, Google checks if you have the number of visitors, also your posts, articles are unique so you will be approved fast. As so many people are selling Adsense accounts through fraud methods, therefore Google is now only approving accounts for people who have registered website more than 6-month-old.

7. Use Google AdSense Supported Language

It is important that on your blog you use Google Adsense supported language. If you do not follow this rule then you are not able to get your account approved. The 36 languages which are listed below are Google Adsense supported languages. If your site is non-English site then place a google translator in your site.

8. Read Google AdSense Program Policies & Terms and Services

First of all, Before applying for Google AdSense for your content, make sure that your website or blog meet the criteria stated by Google and your website or blog meet with the criteria of Google Adsense Policies and Terms and Services. Read all the Google Adsense policies from here and Some of the important terms and conditions that you need to follow,

  • Never upload adult or illegal content, copyright videos, and images
  • Original, fresh high-quality content and images
  • High traffic volume
  • Website or blog do not contain copied content

9. Organic Traffic

Traffic is one of the key factors in Google Adsense and Traffic play an important role in the approval of Google Adsense, make sure that your blog or site has high traffic and visitors come from search engines like Google, Bing etc and minimum 50+ unique visitors visit per day, before applying for Adsense .if your blog traffic is low then it is a –ve point in Google Adsense application.

10. Enter Correct Information

You must submit your correct information. It is better to provide contact number also give your full address including the postal address as well. If Google finds that the entered detailed is wrong then you have no chance to enter into the Google Adsense world. You must check your forum at least twice to avoid the errors.

Note: Enter the correct Payee Name because its very rare chances to change payee name again.

Story on How I got my AdSense Approved

In my case of approving Google AdSense for FOSS Lovers, I have read many of the articles on how to get Google AdSense approved. My applications got disapproved many times. Then after 1 Month, I continuously wrote many articles which are unique and written by me. I wrote approx. 20 articles with 500-600 words. After I have written those articles. I waited for some traffics to hit on my sites but, unfortunately, there was no any traffics hitting my posts. I was thinking that my site will not get approved because there was no traffic on my site. After some days, I thought of applying one more time for Google Adsense. And Guess. My Google AdSense Account got approved. I was very much happy that my AdSense account got approved. Then, I knew that Content is the King. Traffic doesn’t affect to get AdSense approved.


Hurray!! ? ? Congratulations, I hope you have learned new things on How to approve your Google AdSense. So, Enjoy. If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback please don’t hesitate to write them in the comment box below because it will help us to improve or correct our contents. Thanks, Happy FOSS Computing. ?

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