MIUI 12 List of Xiaomi Devices Getting MIUI 12 Update

MIUI 12: List of Xiaomi Devices Getting MIUI 12 Update

Xiaomi MIUI 12 Development

MIUI 12 Logo

Xiaomi already confirmed that its new MIUI interface is under development while hinting at some features to expect with the new update. The Xiaomi MIUI 12 will finally bring a system-wide dark mode to every Xiaomi phone, more especially, the Redmi phones. It will also add a new Graphical user interface along with some other features, which will still be pointed out in this post.

Xiaomi MIUI 12 Release Date

All attention is now on the release of Xiaomi MIUI 12, but there’s no official date yet. However, considering that the MIUI 10 was released around May and so with the MIUI 11, we can as well expect the MIUI 12 at the time. The time frame also agrees with reports that the new UI will start arriving in Mid 2020.

But as always, the update will first roll out to Beta users, who will test the ROM to report any bug. It’s after the Beta testing that the update will start rolling out to the general public. Again, there’s no time frame as to when the update will start arriving, but hopefully, we’ll see the update before the end of this year.

Features of Xiaomi MIUI 12

  1. System-wide dark mode
  2. New Graphical user interface (GUI)
  3. 16:9 ratio display better compatibility for application
  4. Multiple clone app support
  5. Dark mode support to all System application

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List of Xiaomi Phones to Receive MIUI 12

Below is the complete list of Xiaomi phones to receive MIUI 12 update. However, there’s no need to panic if your device didn’t make the list, as almost all Xiaomi phones will eventually get the update.

  1. Xiaomi MI 10 Pro
  2. Xiaomi MI 10
  3. Xiaomi MI 9
  4. Xiaomi MI 9SE
  5. Xiaomi MI 9 Pro
  6. Xiaomi MI 9 Lite
  7. Xiaomi MI 8 Pro
  8. Xiaomi MI 8
  9. Xiaomi MI 8 Lite
  10. Xiaomi MI CC9 Pro/ Mi Note 10
  11. Xiaomi MI CC9
  12. Xiaomi MI CC9E/ Mi A3
  13. POCO F1
  14. POCO X2
  15. Mi Mix Alpha
  16. Mi Mix 3
  17. Mi Mix 2s
  18. Mi Mix 2
  19. Mi Max 2
  20. Redmi K30
  21. Redmi K20 Pro/ Mi 9T Pro
  22. Redmi K20 / Mi 9T
  23. Redmi Note 8 Pro
  24. Redmi Note 8
  25. Redmi 8T
  26. Redmi Note 7 Pro
  27. Redmi Note 7
  28. Redmi Note 7S
  29. Redmi 8
  30. Redmi 8A
  31. Redmi 7
  32. Redmi 7A
  33. Redmi Y1/ Redmi Note 5A/ Redmi Note 5A Prime
  34. Redmi Y1 Lite
  35. Redmi Y2/S2
  36. Redmi Y3
  37. Redmi Note 6 Pro/ Mi A2 Lite
  38. Redmi Note 6
  39. Redmi 6
  40. Redmi Note 5 Pro
  41. Redmi Note 5/ Redmi Note 5 Plus
  42. Redmi 5/ 5A
  43. Redmi Note 4/ 4X
  44. Mi 5X
  45. Mi Play

Note: The above list of smartphones is not confirmed and final yet. Other smartphones and devices might also get the MIUI 12 update.

We will be updating the post with new info and news about MIUI 12. So, stay tuned.

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