UbuntuDDE 20.04 EFI Major BugFix has been Released

UbuntuDDE Beta Version was released in 6th April 2020. UbuntuDDE is a combination of Ubuntu 20.04 and Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE).

UbuntuDDE will be working on the latest releases from the upstream dde packages. It will be shipping all the goodies from Deepin OS with the base system of Ubuntu distribution. Mr. Arun Kumar Pariyar is the lead developer of the UbuntuDDE.

UbuntuDDE Beta Desktop
UbuntuDDE Beta Desktop

UbuntuDDE is not just adding the DDE ( Deepin Desktop Environment) on top of Ubuntu 20.04. Arun said, “One of the important aspects of this project is to regularly maintain the DDE packages for Ubuntu.”

There was a serious EFI bug which was creating headaches for the many users during the installation of UbuntuDDE Beta.

Screenshots of Bugs

UbuntuDDE Beta EFI Error
UbuntuDDE Beta EFI error

Major BugFixes in UbuntuDDE Beta

  • EFI installation cdrom error fixed
  • Terminal added
  • ubuntudde-dde-extras metapackage added
  • Deepin Screenshot added
  • Deepin Calendar added
  • Deepin System Monitor added

Minor BugFixes in UbuntuDDE Beta

  • LibreOffice icon fixed
  • Wallpaper tweaked


Hurray !! I hope you have got the updated beta release that has fixed the major and minor BugFixes.

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